Friday, February 23, 2018

Current Crushes - Swimsuit Edition

It's the dreaded time of year when you have to purchase a new bathing suit.  We've all been there, when you wait too long to purchase and the all cute ones are gone!  I narrowed it down to some of my faves to help with this dilemma! #firstworldproblems

If you've followed me for awhile, you know that I'm a one-piece girl.  I love the look of a two-piece, but don't feel comfortable in them anymore after having my babies (read more about that in my blog post here ).  Thank goodness there are so many cute one pieces available now!

I purchased this crochet one-piece at the end of last summer and it quickly became one of my faves.  This swim designer knows how to design sexy, but flattering suits, where you feel secure.  I love this green moss color, but it comes in other colors as well!

When you show up to the pool wearing the same suit as your friend #twinning!

I typically stick to black or dark colors for my swimsuit, but I'm loving this one shoulder red one-piece.  It's under $115 and the cutouts make it less of  "Baywatch" suit.  

This still remains my top suit and the one I get asked for details about all the time.  You can be daring and wear it as a plunge suit without crisscrossing, or you can twist the straps to make it a halter.  I wouldn't recommend this suit if you have a larger chest, but for smaller chested gals like me it is very flattering!

Take me back to Mexico with my cute hubby!

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Favorite Aesthetic Procedures

My job has made me have a major passion for the world of Aesthetics! It is so important to invest in your skin health. There are SO many procedures available that it can be overwhelming.  Today, I'm going to tell you about all of my favorites!

Dermaplaning:  This is one of the easiest, and most affordable ways to give your skin a nice refreshed feeling!  It's basically shaving your face with a medical grade blade.  It helps exfoliate your skin, get rid of the "peach fuzz", and makes your makeup go on like butter.  And, NO, it will not make your hair grow back darker or courser. I was worried about this as well1  I use a lot of strong retinol products in  my routine.  So, I love dermaplaning every 4-6 weeks to get the dead skin off and help smooth out the surface of my skin.

HydraFacial:  Also known as the red carpet facial. This 30 minute facial helps with skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, clogged pores, skin vibrancy and texture. This multi-step treatment cleanses, exfoliates, and extracts all while infusing the skin antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid and other goodies.  I love how this makes my skin feel!  I get clogged pores easily, and I love how HydraFacial makes me feel all cleaned out and glowing.  I would literally get one every day if I could

Micro Needling:  This collagen induction therapy procedure diminishes fine lines and wrinkles by literally poking the skin with tiny needles.  I know it sounds scary, but it's totally not!  Your face is numbed before the procedure, so you do not feel a thing.  Micro Needling is great for smoothing texture and skin tone.  This procedure also helps with scars and stretch marks.  The downtime is minimal.  I am usually red the night that I have this procedure, a tad pink the next day and then I am fine.  It helps to use a good recovery/healing product to minimize your downtime.

Glycolic/Salicylic Peels:  These peels are great for people who have clogged skin, or if you just want to hit the reset button for your skin.  Glycolic acid helps with cell turn over and gives your skin a nice glow.  Salicylic acid is great if you have oily skin that breaks out easily.  It can help clean out your pores and dry up any blemishes you may have.

IPL (Photofacial):  This treatment is great if you have dark spots or redness that is not melasma.  I tend to be in the sun a lot during the summer, and I do love a good tan. I have this treatment a few times during the winner to help my brown spots.  IPL makes the skin brighter and evens skin tone by removing unwanted brown pigment and redness.  You are usually red for a few days and the brown spots come up to the surface of your skin.  It looks like you have dirt on your face for a few days, then those areas peel off.

Medical Grade Skincare Routine: I am a true believer in medical grade skincare you can purchase at doctors offices and/or Medspas.  Here is an overview of what you need during your day: SPF, antioxidant, peptide or growth factor.  For the evening: Retinol or Tretinoin, Hyaluronic Acid and a Growth Factor or Peptide moisturizer.  I know it may not seem basic, but these are the basics you need to help your skin through the aging process.

I am so happy I started focusing on my skin in my 30's, but I  wish I would have started sooner.  Skincare and skin health is a huge passion of mine.  If you have more specific questions or need a referral, please feel free to email me:



Tuesday, February 6, 2018

KNOW Foods

I recently found a great food option call KNOW Better Foods.  I am always on the lookout for lower Carb, High Fiber, and High Protein foods.  This brand is a great option!  Their foods are Gluten free, Grain free, Paleo friendly, Non GMO, and Zero Trans fat.

For those of you love bread (who doesn't) but wants to cut cabs, their bread option is perfect!  I was so impressed with how good the bread taste and how filling it was.  It wasn't dry and all, and I just toasted my slices and it was great.  They are also really thick slices, so are very filling!  I just used one side a few times to make my sandwich.  They have Buns as well!

My others favorites are the Know Better Thins.  These are delicious and perfect for a dipping option. I use these to dip in my hummus and salsa.  They have 5 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and 2 net carbs.

I also tried getting the chocolate chips.  They were very tasty for sure!  My only problem was I kept grabbing them all the time for a sweet snack....oops.  So I don't know if my lack of self control can handle them.  But, if you are a baker, unlike myself, they are a great option to throw in to save some calories and sugar.

Another little treat is the Knox Better Cookies!  They are so delicious and only have 4 Net Carbs.  I think its important to have healthy treat options around the house for when we can't fight off our cravings.  Lets face it, nobody is perfect!  So if we have healthy options around it will be much easier to grab those instead of the other cookies and bread in the house!

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Current Crushes- Coat Edition

Let's face it- we still have more cold weather on the horizon (insert sad face). January literally felt like the longest month of my entire life.  This unbearable cold weather we faced in Nashville was definitely a shock to the system!

This is a great time of year to go coat shopping to take advantage of the end-of-season sales!  I picked out 5 fave coat finds to keep you warm for the rest of winter. 

 One of the biggest coat trends this year has been the hooded duffel with a faux fur trim (like the one I'm wearing here).  J. Crew has a great design of this coat but the price tag can be a bit hefty.  I'm loving this camel Cole Haan version that is currently under $200!

H&M always comes away with the win with this steal under $50!

Another trend that has been huge this winter is of course the faux fur coat.  It brings an element of glam and there are some amazing affordable options!  I'm crushing on this cropped version that comes in a light pink or white.  

And this cozy teddy bear coat in camel has me smitten!  It also comes in green, brown, and black. 

If you are looking for a more traditional wool straight cut coat- this one is for you.  I love the light gray color!

Stay Warm and Happy Shopping!