Friday, February 23, 2018

Current Crushes - Swimsuit Edition

It's the dreaded time of year when you have to purchase a new bathing suit.  We've all been there, when you wait too long to purchase and the all cute ones are gone!  I narrowed it down to some of my faves to help with this dilemma! #firstworldproblems

If you've followed me for awhile, you know that I'm a one-piece girl.  I love the look of a two-piece, but don't feel comfortable in them anymore after having my babies (read more about that in my blog post here ).  Thank goodness there are so many cute one pieces available now!

I purchased this crochet one-piece at the end of last summer and it quickly became one of my faves.  This swim designer knows how to design sexy, but flattering suits, where you feel secure.  I love this green moss color, but it comes in other colors as well!

When you show up to the pool wearing the same suit as your friend #twinning!

I typically stick to black or dark colors for my swimsuit, but I'm loving this one shoulder red one-piece.  It's under $115 and the cutouts make it less of  "Baywatch" suit.  

This still remains my top suit and the one I get asked for details about all the time.  You can be daring and wear it as a plunge suit without crisscrossing, or you can twist the straps to make it a halter.  I wouldn't recommend this suit if you have a larger chest, but for smaller chested gals like me it is very flattering!

Take me back to Mexico with my cute hubby!

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  1. 🙌🏻 Take me back to pool days! If I’m #twinning with you then I know I’m 👌🏼 😘 I’m all about the one pieces so I loved this post for some inspo!

    1. I will twin with you any day friend! So glad you liked the post!


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