Monday, June 17, 2019

Can I have ____ while fasting??

Can I have ______ while fasting is the most popular question about IF. The short answer is NO, ha. 

I have gone back and forth and here is my opinion on it all. Disclaimer: This is MY opinion, I am sure not an expert by any means on this matter. I also don’t think what anyone on IF is doing is wrong, this is just going to be my strategy on how I do it. I know there are a lot of different beliefs and strategies out there.  I support them all and think you have to do what is best for you!!

Ok...I truly try to be as clean as I can during my “fast.” For me, that means black coffee ( I still hate it), plain water, and non-flavored sparkling or mineral water. Period, end of sentence. Well..some may say that coffee breaks your fast, but I am just going to straight up ignore that.  That is just how I am doing it for now. Why do I want to clean fast?  Here is the thing, it’s nearly impossible to tell what signals our body to produce insulin and take us out of the fasting state. Is it calories (under 50?).... everyone is different so there is no way to know.

My strategy is fasting as clean as possible for a while, so I can figure out how my body responds to foods and drinks.  After I really know what it feels like to be in ketosis, and the fasting stage, I can start to introduce things back in to see if they throw me off or make me more hungry. Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead; this results in a build-up of acids called ketones within the body.

It is all about not releasing insulin when in the fasted stage. We want our body to burn fat from our bodies while fasting. LOWER INSULIN = GREATER FAT LOSS.  So, we don't know what triggers our insulin levels for sure.  Studies have shown just tasting something sweet, not even swallowing it, can trigger the brain to start producing insulin.  Click on the link for this specific study. 

I feel like I can keep this up too, because I have a longer window than a lot of IFers have . I am doing the 16/8, so I have 8 hours to drink my yummy coffees and other drinks I enjoy during that time. I find during the week I am doing 10-6 or 9:30-5:30 depending on my schedule.  The weekends are harder, but if I go off for a few hours, it's not hard for me to hop back on. 

I am going to stick to it a little longer mainly because my energy levels have been so good.  Still not down any weight, but I really am not as tired as I use to be which is the biggest win in my opinion.

Thanks for all your tips and info you have shared with me as well.  Have a great Monday!


Friday, June 7, 2019

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day will be here before you know it!  This is such a special time to celebrate the dads, husbands, or father figures in your life.  We will probably spend time on the lake during the day because that it my hubby's fave place to be!  In past years we've also done a family round of golf and even done a canoe trip as well.  There are some great places to go canoeing around Nashville- we highly reccomend Foggy Botton Canoes in Kingston Springs for rentals! We usually do a dinner with my dad in the evening to celebrate him.  I'm a self-admitted daddy's girl so I love to take the time to be with him on this special day!

I put together some top items that the special men would love + actually use! Dad's tend to be a tad more practical than ourselves so I came up with everyday items that serve a purpose!

My Top Picks for Father's Day:

Like I mentioned above, we spend a lot of time at the lake so a good comfy + stylish pair of swim trunks always make for a great present.  These Patagonia pull-on trunks have a quick-drying outer surface + sun protection.  These come in 6 solid colors and 2 patterns.  I personally love the 'spiced coral' color for a preppy look.  My hubby's last pair of Patagonia trunks literally lasted 15 years- I had to make him throw them out!

These sporty + functional slides are perfect for summer.  These are by an Italian designer and give an on-trend sporty vibe to any dad. They come in 3 colors as well as a camo print.  I love the navy color for an all-American look.

My hubby loves a classic bourbon cocktail like an Old Fashioned.  This set of two large ice molds allow different shapes for different cocktails.  These are great for entertaining!  Check out a great recipe for an Old Fashioned drink here.
This portable fold up grill is perfect for any dad that loves to tailgate or camp out! The slim and easy design makes it unique compared to other grills on the market.  It's also a great price point at only $61.

Shop More Ideas Below!

Always a Daddy's Girl!
Happy Shopping!  As always let me know if you have any questions or need me to search for something more specific.



Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Intermittent Fasting - Initial Thoughts

Pants + Top

I’ll be completely honest, I never thought intermittent fasting (IF) would be for me. I really had no reason to research it, or try it, because the truth is I love to exercise and love to eat healthy. But my curiosity got the best of me, and I really wanted to know more about IF, and I love learning about anything involving health and nutrition. 

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is an eating pattern that rotates through eating and fasting. There are several options for your timeframe for fasting, but most commonly, a 16 hour fast in a 24 hour period is a popular option. This means you are only eating within an 8 hour period and fast in the 16 hours in between that timeframe. Besides weight loss, some studies show that this eating pattern can have positive benefits for your energy and focus.

After listening to a  lot of podcasts, and a lot of reading, I decided the 16 hours fasting, 8 hours eating fasting method is what would work best for me. I mean Hugh Jackman does it, so it’s gotta be good right?! My typical day is a window of eating from 9-5, 10-6, 11-7, just depending on my day.  As you may know, I got to bed in the 8’s, so stopping eating earlier is easier for me. I like a longer window for me, because I have a very active lifestyle and do some type of exercise daily. I’ve tried my IF window for 5 days a week with a looser schedule on the weekends.  
Research shows that women do well with a shorter 14-15 hour fasting frame, so I make mine a little shorter sometimes. There are sooo many different ways to do IF.  Here is a great Link that details 6 different ways you can do IF.

I have been trying IF for about 4 weeks. I had a vacation during that time, which I didn't stay on the plan and have skipped some days here and there.  I have been staying on track for about the past 2 weeks.

Initial Thoughts

The Bad

I haven't reached the points where I am not having hunger pains, and the non-eating window is super easy for me.  I think that will take another week or so to work itself out.  I am definitely ready to eat when it is time.  I wouldn't say I am miserable by any means, I just am ready to eat.

The black coffee.  I mean I live for a good coffee. I have even done a blog post on all the goodness I love to put in there.  It is tough.  Some theories say zero anything or you break your fast.  Some think that if you keep your coffee intake under 50 calories, you stay fasted.  I will tend to stay in the middle and only use a tiny splash of Nutpods to break the black coffee taste.

Overthinking eating time frames can be tough.  I have found myself staring a the clock a few times waiting to eat.  It mainly happens on the weekend if we are not go, go, go, or if I am driving on the road in the car.  I also have to really listen to my body if I'm not hungry, when my window is almost over to stop myself from over eating.  A few times I have probably stuffed my face because I knew I wasn't going to be eating again for a while.  It has made me be more aware of my hunger cues and try to only eat when I am truly hungry.

The Good

My energy levels have been amazing.  It kinda snuck up on me that it was happening.  I always love my weekend naps.  At least one day during the weekend, I try to take a good nap with the family.  It was Sunday evening and I said to my husband, "I haven't even napped or thought about napping."  It was great!  I can for sure say that I have felt better and have more energy which is the best part for me.

One of the main reasons I didn't want to try IF was that my workouts are so intense sometimes, I didn't want to be weak or not have energy to do them.  I will say the first few early morning harder workouts (Yoga Sculpt or Barry's)  were a tiny bit challenging, but that ended quickly.  I now feel totally fine for my early morning workout, and feel just as strong even during my fasting period.  I still take my Advocare Catalyst before my workouts, but that is it.

I am really liking a stopping time especially at night.  It is so easy to snack after dinner, even when my snacks were super healthy.  This gives me an end time and goal to not eat anything til my next eating window.

Less bloating!  I definitely feel like you keep that "morning skinny" stomach longer.

You technically can eat what you like during your eating window.  I still stick to my lower carb, higher fiber diet, because that is what I believe in, know, and love.  If you don't like counting carbs, calories, fat, this could be a perfect option for you because its all about your time window not what you eat.  Obviously if weight loss if your goal the healthier you eat, the quicker you can achieve those goals.

Neither good or bad information, but I have not lost any pounds.  I didn't go into this to necessarily lose weight.  One of the benefits to IF is muscle toning and people lose inches.  I do feel some clothes are a tad looser.  I will be better about taking measurements, so I can report back better on this.

The podcast that I have been listening to is IFpodcast.  I don't do my IF exactly like these ladies, but they have great information, and break it down in a way I can understand.  Check them out!

I have lots to write about and so much information that I have gathered.  These are just my initial thoughts.  I will keep you updated on my progress and share with you what I learn as I go.