Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Shake It Up!

I love starting my day off with a delicious + filling shake. I feel like it sets the tone for the day to be healthy and gets me off to a great start. I feel like starting the day with a healthy shakes keeps me more motivated throughout the day to stay on track with my eating. I have always said strive to have the healthiest breakfast as possible. You may not be perfect the rest of the day, but starting off on an unhealthy note can wreck you whole day.

I have tried so many shakes over the years and I have a few favorites. Like always I am looking for powders that are low in sugar and carbs with fiber to help keep me fuller, longer. My two favorites are 310 Nutrition and F-Factor.

I have tried 310 Nutrition in the past and have really liked it. Since then, they have come out with new flavors that I am loving. Toasted Coconut is my favorite flavor right now. These shakes only have about 90 calories per serving with 15 grams of plant based protein + no artificial sweeteners. They also have some fiber, usually around 5 grams. Side note, I also am loving their Detox tea. I usually think tea is blah, but this tastes great, and is helping curb my appetite. You can get free shipping by using code 310CRYSTALJ. FYI the bag is huge and lasts forever!

I follow the F-factor lifestyle diet so I love their shakes as well. I go back and forth between the Vanilla and Chocolate flavors. They are both so creamy and filing and jam packed with 20 grams of fiber in 2 scoops.  (Do I talk about eating fiber enough ?!). They only have 3-4 net carbs + 20 grams of protein.  You can also cook with them if you chose to do so unlike myself.

Here are some other things I will throw in my shakes for taste + added healthy benefits. Not all in the same shake because I like to mix it up! For the most part I mix about 5 ounces of water then add a few of unsweetened Coconut, Almond, or Cashew milk and blend in my Vitamix. We have had our Vitamix for a while now and I love love it.

Shake add-ins:

Frozen Rice Cauliflower- Gives you shake a little more consistency
Spinach- Added fiber benefits you can’t taste
Peanut Butter Powder- Added peanut butter taste without the fat
Cacao Nibs- Gives chocolate taste + rich in polyphenols
MCT Oil Powder- I have tried a few, and this is by far my fave brand
Amazing Gass Green Super Food Powder

Low Sugar Yogurt- you can add just a spoonful for a little more taste + helps with consistency

I think its all about playing around with what tastes best to you, and what keeps you feeling full longest.


Low Sugar Yogurt- you can add just a spoonful for a little more taste + helps with consistency

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