Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Healthy Daily Food Ideas

I often get asked from followers about what I'm eating. Here is just an example of what I strive to eat on a regular basis! 


-One real egg + 2 part egg whites + add spinach

-F-Factor shake- by far the best most filling one I have found! It gives you 20 grams of fiber and protein with 3 net carbs

-GG Crackers with cottage cheese and salsa

Try the pumpkin seed ones for Fall!

-Fiber one cereal with unsweetened almond milk


-Salad with non-breaded chicken or fish - light cheese, lots of non starchy veggies. Vinaigrette dressing on side and just use a little

-Low carb high fiber wrap (I love the Olebrand) with chicken or turkey deli meat. I put lettuce on there and mustard (and sometime cucumbers)

You can get these at about every grocery store!

-Any kind of sandwich in a lettuce wrap


-Almonds with hummus

-Turkey deli meat with mustard

-Protein bar low carb (check out my Fave Protein Bars post)

-Low fat pepperoni

-GG crackers with salsa

- Seaweed paper

- Powdered peanut butter


-Paleo Works delivers me 3 meals every week that I usually turn into 4 and eat during the week. These are lean protein and veggie meals

-Turkey burger with veggies

-Salad with Chicken

-Cauliflower rice with grilled chicken

-Tuna Fish on a low carb wrap

**If I have a sweet tooth at night, I will do some low sugar Greek yogurt or drink a La Croix.
Love this grapefruit flavor!

Now this is a pretty good day :). I'm def not perfect like this all the time but I do try!




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