Thursday, October 24, 2019

Follow- up Thoughts on IF

I have written a few posts about trying Intermittent Fasting over the past few months. I did the 16 fasting hours cycled by 8 non-fasting hours for about 4 months with really no cheating except maybe a few vacation days. As always I like to be completely honest with you guys and share my experiences.

I wrote my first post a few weeks in and really enjoyed IF... minus the black coffee. I was even fasting completely clean with only black coffee and plain water. I was deep into some IF pod casts and was ALL IN. I was a little concerned that my eating window was being more lax than when I am on a normal eating schedule. Meaning eating well for the most part is never really a huge struggle for me (most days... not all). I found myself eating more and eating things I normally wouldn’t be eating when not doing IF because I would think “It’s fine it is during my window.”

At first I felt a little smaller and my energy felt better. But then I hit a plateau with both of these. I never lost 1 pound the entire time, which was fine I was not setting out for a weight loss goal. My workouts stayed the exact same in intensity and frequency during the week. After a few months I almost felt larger in some areas and my energy levels were back to the way they always were. I even tried shortening my window and that didn't help. I will note that my workout routine did not change at all. I still do some sort of workout daily and usually try and do an hour long class.

So I went off it for a week just to take a break and got my eating back to my normal FFactor ways and did feel a tad better.

My thoughts on IF are: if it works for you DO IT! I feel like the best healthy lifestyle is one that you can stick to, follow, and love. I am not totally giving up on it. I am going to incorporate it into my lifestyle 3ish days a week instead of doing it every single day and see how that works.

Something else I have learned or realized: it's ok to combine and do different types of "diets" (I hate that word) all at once. The main goal is to make it a lifestyle and something sustainable for you. So why not take aspects of all diets that you like and use them together. I combine the Atkins, FFactor, and now IF some into my lifestyle, and that's ok!

The F Factor diet. I wrote an entire post on this and wanted to touch back on the main goals of the F Factor. Eat 35 grams of fiber a day, lean protein, lower carb, and you can drink wine!!



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