Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Healthy Guide to the Holidays

Here are some tips on how I plan to survive the holidays without falling off the wagon too much! Thanksgiving is almost here with Christmas lurking around the corner which means spending time with family, eating, and drinking. These holidays for sure include extra calories of fun. There is nothing wrong with indulging on the holidays and enjoying treats + drinks. My goal is to always not get too far off track and keep it “healthy” where I can.

Plan of action:

Get your day/morning going with a healthy start!
-I am a huge advocate of this. Even if you are going to have a big day and night- start your day off with a healthy breakfast. I really like to do a protein shake that is lower in carbs and high in fiber. This gives you control in the morning and gets your mindset right for the day.

-I will say it over and over again. Getting lots of fiber in your diet will help you stay fuller longer and make you less hungry. It also promotes regularity and acts like sponge to soak up calories. And it cancels out carbs... I could go on and on. Fiber can be found in vegetables, whole grains, and fruits.

Overload your plate with veggies and lettuce.
-I don’t offer to cook hardly anything but I do offer to bring a salad so I know there is something healthy that I can get my hands on. Make the plate green is always the goal! Throw in other things you want but always try to get a green with every bite.

Plan a workout. 
-Time off work always means planning a workout for me. My husband and I take turns going. I always eat better on the days I workout, and if I do indulge, I don’t feel as guilty so its a win win. Lots of gyms have classes even on Thanksgiving. I am teaching Yoga Sculpt at Core Power Yoga (Brentwood location) on Friday at noon, Saturday & Sunday at 7 AM if you want to come get your Sculpt on!

Plan ahead.
-“Meal planning” doesn’t have to mean prepping meals and freezing them for the week. Think ahead of how you can make any part of the meal somewhat healthier. Bring GG crackers, a light dressing, a healthy app, a low calorie mixer, to set yourself up for success.

Cauliflower everywhere. 
-I am loving this cauliflower alternative craze. I really haven’t had any of it that I didn't like. Cauliflower rice, stir fry, stuffing, gnocchi, My personal favorite is cauliflower mashed potatoes which would be a great dish to bring!

Drink lots of water.
-Make it your goal to drink a gallon of water a day. There are only a million benefits of water but it can help you feel fuller and better.

Keep your cocktails low in sugar. 
-I always mix my booze with soda, water, or even Stevia Ginger beer. If you have to add some juice to your cocktail, mix with the majority of soda and splash the juice. 

Most importantly enjoy and don't be too hard on yourself. 
-The most important thing is spending quality time with friends and family.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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