Tuesday, January 28, 2020

NYC Girls Trip Guide

Once a year I go on a trip with my girlfriends to The Big Apple.  It's one of my fave places to get away + shop til your drop + and soak up city life.  I'm sharing some of my daytime and nighttime looks that I've worn and some of my fave spots in the city!

Daytime Looks:

Camel Fleece turtleneck / Quilted Black Leather Bag / Spanx Faux Leather Leggings / Black and White Sneakers

You can't beat comfy turtlenecks and Spanx leggings for a casual day look filled with shopping.  I'm obsessed with this fleece turtleneck (comes in other colors and shorter lengths here!)  The length on this top is perfect for pairing with leggings because it covers up all the things.  I've also been loving these new sneakers because of the little platform. They also come in a solid white color here.

Cabbing it with my girl Campbell!

I wore this look last year during the day (notice my long hair) which is also based solely on comfort.  You walk so much in NYC that during the day I always opt for a low heeled bootie or sneakers and these fit the bill.  I always have loved a classic wool funnel neck coat.  This particular coat is old but I found a similar one here and here.  I also love this twist on the coat in a tweed version with leather details.  

This pic was snapped in front of the fountain outside the famous Plaza Hotel.  If you've never been to NYC this is a def must-see (at least just to see where Macaulay Culkin stayed in Home Alone 2) :)

Rockefeller Center with proof of our shopping with allll the bags!

This year I saw Mean Girls on Broadway which was hilariously awesome!  I also recommend seeing Jagged Little Pill and Moulin Rouge! (didn't have time to see those but heard they were great!)

Nighttime Looks:

Black Wrap Dress / Rose Petal Earrings / Quilted Black Leather Bag / Black Tights / Red Booties

Y'all know by now that I'm fully obsessed with Amazon at this point and I found this dress for under $30!  I love the ruffle detail and come in several other colors.  Then I found these fun floral drop earrings on Amazon as well.  You really can't beat all the convenience and fun styles that is on Amazon!

We went to a fun French restaurant called Le Bilboquet ( the Cajun chicken is to die for!) Then we headed to our fave midtown rooftop bar Salon de Ning which is at the Peninsula Hotel for after-dinner drinks. If you have followed me on Instagram stories then you probably saw that I fell and broke my right wrist last year. Well, I'm happy to report that I stayed safe this year and had no broken bones- ha!

I wore this black-on-black look to dinner last year.  We went to a beautiful restaurant called Park Avenue Autumn- where the menu and decor drastically changes each season.  These faux leather pants have been a staple in my closet because I love the additional coverage these give you over a legging.  And it doesn't hurt that these look like real leather and are under $100!  Wore my fave open toe booties which I recently found on sale for under $60.
We found a dive bar after dinner that night with a great DJ and had a blast!
Hanging at Le Bilboquet on last year's trip!

Fave Places in NYC to go on a Girls Trip:

Brunch + Bubbles:
Balthazar - a true NYC staple located in SoHo, has the best eggs Benedict, perf for fueling up before hitting allllll the stores in SoHo

BG Restaurant - located on the 7th floor of Bergdorf Goodman with gorgeous views of Central Park, try their lobster mac + chicken salad sandwich with truffle oil

Freemans - rustic + quaint restaurant hidden down an alley on the Lower East Side

Two Hands - They have 2 locations in the city, simple but delicious food with amazing coffee

Brunching at the always amazing Balthazar!

The decor at BG Restaurant is one of my faves!

Shop Til You Drop:

SoHo - this is a mecca for shopping with literally over 300 stores.  It is known to be one of the world's largest outdoor malls.  Some of my faves are: Aritzia, Mango, Splendid, Top Shop, and The Real Real

Midtown - You can't beat all the luxury stores along Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue.  The window displays alone are worth the stroll.  Bergdorf Goodman is simply a must!

Shopping at my fave store- Mango 

Dinner at It's Finest:
Beauty and Essex - I've been here 4 times and it simply never gets old!  They serve champagne in the bathroom and the sharable plates make it a perfect atmosphere for a girls dinner.  Head upstairs to the club after dinner to get your dance on.

The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges - We went there for brunch this year but I want to go back and try dinner next time!  The decor is gorgeous and the menu has something for everyone.

Carbone - This Italian restaurant inspired by The Godfather gives off a hipster chic 1950's vibe.

Buddakhan - The decor is truly amazing with even better pan-Asian fare.  They filmed an iconic episode of Sex and City here.

ABC Kitchen - This is a beautiful and elegant setting with amazing seafood

Vandal - This restaurant / nightclub has amazing + funky decor celebrating global culture

Quality Italian Steakhouse - We tried this spot this year and I will definitely be back!  The filet meatballs were unreal.

Hanging at Quality Italian Steakhouse with my girls!

This is just a short + sweet list of some of my top faves.  There are many many more! Comment below and let me know some of your faves.  There is just never enough time to hit up all the places but you have to leave something to come back for!



Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Sweatnet Nashville

If you are like me then you have been hearing some buzz about SweatNET in the fitness community.  I got a chance to chat with my friend Meghan who launched SweatNET in Nashville.  She was able to break it down for me: think of it as a workout, healthy eats, and self care exclusive membership! They are also giving you $5 off your first months membership to try it out with code: FITSTYLE.

SweatNET goes along with everything we are all about at Nashville Fit + Style....self care.  Taking time to take care of you and focus on bettering yourself.  

SweatNET (follow them @sweatnetnashville on Instagram) is a wellness membership platform that’s only $9.95/mo. Your memberships gives you exclusive deals and discounts to all things health and wellness (studios/gyms, healthy restaurants, spas, saunas, med-spas & more) and access to 4-6 FREE workouts every month!  You can get discounts on class packages, lower drop in rates, healthy recipes and much more.  You can also utilize your membership when you are in other SweatNET cities.

Here are some of things one's I am super excited about! 

STUDIO NOVO- %15 drop in rate
CLEAN JUICE - 10% off purchases
JUICE BAR- 20% off purchases
CORE POWER YOGA - 20% off class packs
TAZIKIS- 15% off entire purchase 
BARRE 3- $17 drop in + 10% off class packs
B.FAB FITNESS- $10 drop in rate
TITLE BOXING- $15 drop in rate
SCULPTHOUSE- $20 drop in rate
NEIGHBORHOOD BARRE- $15 drop in rate
SHED- $18 drop in rate 
THE COOL SPOT- $25 whole body session 
DEFIANCE FUEL- 15% all orders

I feel like the Tazikis and Juice Bar purchases would easily pay for the month membership fee itself!  In my opinion "drop in rates" have gotten so high for classes, so this really does give you some relief and flexibility. 

Remember to use our code that will give you $5 off your first month.  Use code: FITSTYLE and give SweatNET a try.  It is only going to get bigger and better!


Friday, January 3, 2020

New Year Refocus

Happy 2020 friends! There is so much to reflect on over the past decade for me that honestly it kinda overwhelms me to think about. All I know is that I have so much gratitude and it makes me smile to think back on the last ten years.

So, where does that leave us for the New Year?? You see a lot of posts and hear talk about new goals resulting in change. I kind of take a different approach to things. Instead of “goals”, I like to think about it as refocusing. Maybe it's because I have been in sales my whole professional career. I get a daily sales report every day with a percentage to my goal, so I get a bit “goaled-out”- ha!  So even if you write down goals- you can always think about refocusing things in your life for a positive change. There is my soap box on that- just switch out the words to make it easier to achieve!

As far as fitness and health go, I have a few thoughts....

Do I do or consider “dry January”?  The short answer is no. In general I only really drink on the weekends anyways (minus the past few weeks of course.). That would make for a long, cold January honestly. Plus its not the lifestyle that I want for the long run. I like the cleansing benefits and feeling great, but other than that- it's not something I want to do. Maybe I would lose a few pounds from cutting back on the alcohol calories, but I would gain them right back when I started back up. So if not drinking a whole month seems overwhelming to you, maybe just try a dry Sunday-Thursday approach. 

Don’t be intimidated to go to an exercise class until you are “in shape” for it. I feel like I hear this a lot and I wish people wouldn’t think this way. Try and change your focus to - I am going to do the best I can, give this a try, and work up to the intensity I want. I swear you could come in my Yoga Sculpt class and lay there half the time and I wouldn’t even think twice about it. What you really have to focus on is that people are so focused on their OWN SELF that nobody cares how fast you are running, much you are lifting, or how many reps you are doing. Try to take intimidation out of it and give something a try! The more excuses that you make the harder it is to ever do. 

Whole 30 or drastic diets for the month of January? I am not totally opposed to these things. But is it a realistic lifestyle that you want to live or will you just go back to your old ways right when Feb. 1st hits?  I think sometimes these things can be discouraging for people when you do something so drastic then go back to real life the next month. I would encourage you to make small and attainable changes that you can do the whole year instead of just one month. In my opinion this sets you up for success the whole year as opposed to just one month. Maybe do whole 30 clean eating 2-3 days a week then just healthy eating the other days that isn’t so perfect. Or start to incorporate Fiber into your everyday diet and build up to a goal off 35 grams like I try to get to on the F-Factor Lifestyle Diet.

In closing set yourself up for little victories and success all year! As always I am hear to help and love when you guys reach out to help encourage me to stay on track as well.