Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Sweatnet Nashville

If you are like me then you have been hearing some buzz about SweatNET in the fitness community.  I got a chance to chat with my friend Meghan who launched SweatNET in Nashville.  She was able to break it down for me: think of it as a workout, healthy eats, and self care exclusive membership! They are also giving you $5 off your first months membership to try it out with code: FITSTYLE.

SweatNET goes along with everything we are all about at Nashville Fit + Style....self care.  Taking time to take care of you and focus on bettering yourself.  

SweatNET (follow them @sweatnetnashville on Instagram) is a wellness membership platform that’s only $9.95/mo. Your memberships gives you exclusive deals and discounts to all things health and wellness (studios/gyms, healthy restaurants, spas, saunas, med-spas & more) and access to 4-6 FREE workouts every month!  You can get discounts on class packages, lower drop in rates, healthy recipes and much more.  You can also utilize your membership when you are in other SweatNET cities.

Here are some of things one's I am super excited about! 

STUDIO NOVO- %15 drop in rate
CLEAN JUICE - 10% off purchases
JUICE BAR- 20% off purchases
CORE POWER YOGA - 20% off class packs
TAZIKIS- 15% off entire purchase 
BARRE 3- $17 drop in + 10% off class packs
B.FAB FITNESS- $10 drop in rate
TITLE BOXING- $15 drop in rate
SCULPTHOUSE- $20 drop in rate
NEIGHBORHOOD BARRE- $15 drop in rate
SHED- $18 drop in rate 
THE COOL SPOT- $25 whole body session 
DEFIANCE FUEL- 15% all orders

I feel like the Tazikis and Juice Bar purchases would easily pay for the month membership fee itself!  In my opinion "drop in rates" have gotten so high for classes, so this really does give you some relief and flexibility. 

Remember to use our code that will give you $5 off your first month.  Use code: FITSTYLE and give SweatNET a try.  It is only going to get bigger and better!


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