Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Current Crushes - Valentine's Edition

It's almost time for the day that celebrates love + romance! To be honest, this is not a holiday that I tend to care a ton about. I used to refer to it as a Hallmark holiday, but the older I've gotten, I've learned to appreciate it more. My hubby and I usually celebrate the day with little gifts (nothing too over the top), and most of the time, if the holiday falls on a weeknight, we would make a family dinner. But this year it's on a Friday so we can do a date night and not have to worry about kid's sports practice or it being a school/work night!

I found this super cute + affordable heart sweater on Amazon!  The earrings are from Amazon too and come in tons of different colors. I think I own 3 different pairs.  This sweater is perf for a casual V-day celebration.  One of our boy's fave dinners was just simply getting a heart-shaped pizza with a fun dessert. Light some candles and break out fancy plates + glasses and it feels festive!

If you're looking for a dressier date option then a slip dress paired with a structured blazer fits the bill.  I'm loving the trend of the 90's slip dress being back but I wanted more coverage so pairing it with a blazer feels more modern and age-appropriate.  This short slip dress is super affordable and if you want some extra length here is a longer version.  This blazer with gold buttons has always been in heavy rotation in my closet.  It literally looks great with everything! 

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