Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Eating healthy while dining out

@Cru in Nantucket 

If you are anything like our family we love to go out to eat on the weekends. We try and stay in most nights during the week eating our at home delivery service @paleoworks meals. But on the weekends we look forward to going out to dinner with our family and a date night every so often!

Let’s face it... it’s pretty darn hard to be a perfect eater when you are dining out. You just gotta try to do the best you can and make small adjustments that prevent you from totally falling off the wagon.

-Try to avoid appetizers. There are rarely any healthy options to choose from and they just add calories to your meal. If you are going to order one find an option that has a side of veggies for dipping or just try to get a simple side salad.

-Order a large water and try to finish it before your meal. This will help you feel fuller and give you something to do besides snack if there is other food on the table. I always order my water with a lemon or get a sparkling water.

-Just say no to the bread.... it’s easy to stay away if it’s not there 🤣.

-Order cocktails with soda instead of juice. Vodka sodas are my go-to's and you can even add a small splash of cranberry juice. You can always stick with a good glass of wine or a light beer as well.

-I always tend to check out the salad section on the menu first. Grilled chicken, shrimp, salmon, turkey, or ahi tuna are my fave proteins. I always make sure I order the protein blackened and no butter. Get a salad with lots of veggies, light cheese and chose a light vinaigrette on the side!!! Always always order the dressing on the side. Use the dabbing method with your dressing. Love ranch???  Me too.... sometimes they do offer a light ranch and I’ll order both light vinaigrette and light ranch dressing. I’ll use mostly the vinaigrette then dab some ranch here and there and it really helps.

-Another great option is a turkey, bison, or veggie burger ordered with no bun. Try and stick to mustard and hot sauce for your condiment instead of mayo or ketchup.

-You can always eat a taco without the shell or ask for them to do a lettuce wrap with it. You would be surprised how many places can do this. Adding some salsa for flavor is yummy too!

-Sushi is probably one of my favorite meals. Try and see if they can wrap your roll in cucumber instead of rice. If not try and split a roll with someone or order a Nigiri roll and try to skip all the rice. I also love some seaweed salad!!
Sushi wrapped in Cucumber

-Dessert-:  I like to try and stick with my cocktails as my dessert 🤣. But who doesn’t love a good treat sometimes?! Try to stick to a three bite rule or eat the “healthier” parts of the desert like fruit or the whip cream.

-Most importantly don’t be too hard on yourself. As long as you aren’t eating out all the time a little indulgence never hurt anybody.


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