Sunday, March 15, 2020

At-Home Workouts

What a crazy year 2020 has been so far. Social distancing and having the kids out of school may make going to workout classes way more difficult. But I feel like now more than ever we need to exercise and take care of our bodies to get through this stressful time.

I am working on a YouTube video of my Yoga Sculpt class and will keep you updated when it's done! This post includes some great sites for online workouts as well as essential equipment to have on hand at home.

Top 3 At-Home Workout Equipment Essentials:

1) I love these Bala Bangles Wrist Weights. They are comfy enough just to wear them around the house or add them to any workout for extra resistance. I wear them when I am cleaning, doing the dishes/laundry, and even when running.

2) Dumbbells with a range of weights is crucial for at home exercises. I always encourage to start heavy and drop down if needed. I love this set because you can chose your weight size and it has a nice rack to keep everything stacked nicely on. I have 5, 8, 10, and 12 pound weights and I use them all.

3) I love having Resistance Bands on above my knees during any exercise. You can use them to intensify squats or to keep your legs engaged even when doing upper body exercises.

Crystal carved out some space in her basement for a mini at-home gym

-Being cooped up in your house may also give you some time to read. I am such a fan of the F-Factor and highly recommend the F Factor book. This lays out the importance of Fiber in your diet and gives you a great plan and different stages you can start healthy lifestyle plan. Working out is not a requirement on F-Factor and you can drink! So if working out is not your thing, focus more on your eating.

Online Workouts:

Core Power Yoga is also offering free access to all their Yoga classes on demand. Visit their site for all kinds of formats as well as meditation videos.

Obé Fitness is another great resource for live and on-demand fitness classes. They offer unlimited access to daily live and 4,000+ on-demand classes for less than the cost of one studio fitness class. The great thing that I love about these classes is that they are 28 minutes or less and they are incredibly challenging! You pay a monthly fee or have the option to save $125 and pay annually.  They are offering a free month trial with the code: ATHOME to see how you like the classes.  Check out their site here.
Amanda taking an obé fitness sculpt class

YouTube has some amazing free quick workouts as well.  I included a few 30 minute faves below!

Hope this helps to keep your sanity in tact!
Crystal + Amanda


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