Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Ways to Stay Active during Quarantine

I hope everyone is doing well  + staying sane during this time.  I know that we are all wearing lots of hats right now: mom, teacher, housekeeper, worker, chef, etc.  I do think it is super important that we take time to practice self care so that we can be the best we can be at all the "jobs" we have right now.  Working out, like usual has been my saving grace to keeping me sane.  There are so many great resources online and gyms giving you online options for your home.

Nashville Fit Style You Tube

Brought to you by yours truly!  Make sure you have your volume UP because all of my moves are to some good beats.  I have included some condensed Yoga Sculpt videos, short leg and arm workouts, and some just quick random workouts if you just have a few minutes.  You can find these videos here or on the blog!  Weights are optional but encouraged.  I do most of my class with 5 and 8 pound weights for reference.

Josh Gamble Fitness/Music City Fitness

My fave Barry's Bootcamp instructor @joshgamblefitness is doing lots of online videos and workouts.  Follow along on his YouTube station here.  I miss my Barry's classes so much but this at least gives me a good dose of my boy Josh!

Sculpt House

I did one of these and it was so good!  You can use your Bala Bangles,  Sliders (you can also use towels) or dumbbells.

Tippi Toes Dance

Do your kids love playing dress-up? So do ours! Tippi Toes has the most amazing virtual dance program for children of all ages. Ballet, Tap & Jazz in the comfort of your home. Join the Tippi Toes Virtual dance class, have your kids dress up in a costume and be the star of the show!  

Click here to start your free 7-day trial and get dancing click here.

b.fab.fitness Online

My friend Rebecca and fellow Core Power teacher owns b.fab.fitness. They offer super fun dance classes. You can pretend you are in a club, ha. She is major goals with her dance moves! This is a great fun way to get your sweat on.

Unlimited Membership includes access to 5 classes each week.
Funk (dance cardio) Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Body (strength & conditioning) Tuesday
Yoga sculpt (light weights and yoga flows) Thursday

Non-members can participate in one month of Unlimited access for just $25 (which translates to $1.25/class).  After that you will have access to their regular membership options.  As the end of your month approaches, they will send you more details on what those look like, but they are customizable based on the workouts you enjoy most and how often you want them.  But for now, enjoy everything they have to offer and get familiar with the formats.  
Once uploaded, each class will be available for a full week before it’s replaced by a new one. So, for example, the .funk class coming this Monday will be available until the following Monday...at which point it will be taken down and replaced with a new one. 

Everything is hosted and shared directly with you via a private YouTube channel.  This means you must be able to sign-in to YouTube, which is done using a free Google or Gmail account.  If you don’t have one, simply go to youtube.com, click sign-in and follow the prompts from there.

Simply Balanced Pilates

They are offering live classes via Zoom for $12 or Virtual private classes for $55. You can sign up via the MINDBODY app or through their website. If you are already a member you can just use your current membership or package to sign in. Your instructor will then send you the Zoom link to take the class online live!

I'm planning on doing the Thursday Pilates noon class on Zoom- join me! I'm wearing a white leopard burnout long sleeve tee, black compression sports bra, lattice tights, and black Asics

Paleo Works

I feel like we are going out to the store or ordering groceries every few days.  Now would be a great time to try a home delivery service so that you don't have to get out as much.  My go-to for years has been Paleo Works.  I cannot recommend them enough.  My husband and I look forward to all their meals and weekly menu.  

We will keep updating this post with more things that we find!

Stay Safe,
Crystal & Amanda


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